Join us as we take you to Central America for an inside look at the world mobility problem. In the month of September we traveled to Guatemala and found a population of people, so large and hidden, it’s extremely difficult to even count them. People who have crawled on the ground their whole life, people who have never left the front steps of their own home. Today, thousands of people worldwide are working to help these disabled individuals find their voice.

Fifteen years ago out of a one stall garage in Columbia, Missouri, a gentleman by the name of Mel West built a mobility device. All it took was three wheels, a few pieces of wood, a hand crank, and a chair. Today, it’s a called a P.E.T. or Personal Energy Transportation device. Initially, this device was intended to mobilize one man in Zaire, Africa. Fifteen years later, with the help of friends across America, he’s mobilized more than 24,000 people in 84 countries worldwide.


We look forward to sharing these stories with you and hope you stay close to this page for updates on The Culture That Crawls. This project was made possible by YouTube, the Pulitzer Center, and KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri.